Populism Specialist Group

Since 2019 I co-convene the Populism Specialist Group, one of the largest groups in Political Studies Association (PSA). The group purports to facilitate a critical dialogue about contemporary democratic politics, and populism’s complex role within that.

I play an active role within the Populism Specialist Group. As a Communications Officer I launched and edit 'Populism': a newsletter (or mini-magazine, really) that hosts interviews with leading scholars in the field of populism and commentaries on current events, provides overviews of our annual activities, reviews newly published books and offers publications alerts. You can read past issues by clicking on the covers below.

Together with my Populism Specialist Group colleagues, we organise one annual workshop every year which takes place in different locations within and outside the UK. Each year we put together around 9 panels at the Annual International Conference of the Political Studies Association.