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"Theoretically sophisticated yet empirically grounded, cleverly argued and methodologically innovative, it is required reading not only for those interested in populism, but in the rapidly changing landscape of contemporary politics more generally."

Benjamin Moffitt, Associate Professor Australian Catholic University

''Venizelos breaks new ground in showing how populism adapts to governing responsibilities and transforms ‘the people’ in different institutional contexts. This book is a major contribution to the study of populism’s dynamic properties and the socio-cultural bases of its appeal."

Kenneth M. Roberts, Professor of Government, Cornell University

"In the crowded field of populism studies, GiorgosVenizelos persuades with his illuminating comparison of diametrically opposed types of populists in government [...]. His book is a must read for any scholar wanting to understand the impact populists might have on liberal democracy".

Sarah De Lange, Professor of Political Pluralism, University of Amsterdam

Peer-reviewed articles and chapters in edited volumes


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